EGP Council, Berlin, 23-25 November 2018,

Draft Resolution

Nuclear phase out in Bulgaria without further delay.

All European Greens strongly sustain the transition from the nuclear to renewable energy. Despite that, there are still countries where the governments postpone the nuclear phase out, ignoring population rights for a healthy life in a safe environment, also deeply affected by the operation of outdated nuclear power plants. As mentioned in the resolution adopted at the EGP Council in Antwerp ( 18-20 May 2018) referring to “nuclear phase out in Belgium without delay” people in many European countries are very worried about the life span extension of nuclear plants due to many major past incidents taken place in such facilities.

The impact of the old NPP from Kozloduy in terms of people health is already proved by medical reports in the field of oncology. For example, a report (end of 2017) of the head of pediatric oncology department at the Emergency hospital in Craiova (academic city, of over 300.000 people, located at about 60 km from Kozloduy) indicates an alarming increase of diseases, especially in children, symptoms clearly related to nuclear radiation in the south of Romania. It is understandable that the people of Romania and Bulgaria, as well as other Europeans, have great concerns about how the Bulgarian authorities (in the nuclear field) are responding to the safety standards for the Kozloduy and Belene nuclear power plants.

The cross-border debates relating to the new projects at the NPP Kozloduy, including the radioactive waste repository (350.000 tones) in Radiana (only 4 km from the Danube river, on an instable ground) were examples of non-public debates, presenting ambiguous safety measures.

In case of life span extension of reactors 5 and 6 and increase of capacity, it was a clear break of ESPOO convention because Romania was not consulted. Bulgarian authorities ignored the official request of Romania (from Minister A. Korody) for full EIA report (in transborder context) and safety- and technical concerns were not considered.

It is important to mention that security concerns at NPP Kozloduy determined the EU officials to request Bulgaria, as a condition for the country’s accession to the EU, to close down the units 3-4 before the projected time limit. The expired reactors 5 and 6 have the same Chernobyl technology.

Pre SALTO Expert Team evaluations for reactor 5 (in 2017) show safety concerns due to “reactor and components aging”. Technical recommendations were ignored by the Bulgarian authorities and in November 2017 the license to operate reactor 5 was renewed for a further 10 years (from the 30 years extension period approved by the Bulgarian authorities in 2014).

Therefore, the European Green Party demands that the Bulgarian government

  1. Annul the decision to extend the life span of reactors 5 and 6 and close down completely the NPP Kozloduy, a nuclear facility that in the opinion of international nuclear experts poses major safety risks for all Europe.

  2. Annul the decision to reactivate the old abandoned Belene NPP, located in an area with very high seismic activity (near Vrancea in Romania).

  3. Request the Bulgarian government to stop the development of the project for the construction of the national repository for low and medium radioactive waste (350.000 tones, resulting from the closing down of reactors 1- 4 and from further operation of the reactors 5 and 6 for an extended period of 20 years) at Radiana, posing a high risk to contaminate the Danube river with all related negative consequences on the surrounding ecosystems and future development of the agriculture in the affected areas in both, Romania and Bulgaria. The example of a similar repository in terms of safety and located on a stable soil (in the mountains), such as El Cabril in Spain, could be inspiring for the Bulgarian authorities.

  4. In addition, funding the development of the Radiana radioactive waste repository by EBRD and any support by other countries should stop immediately to avoid also further development of the NPP Kozloduy. The civil society representatives in Romania supported by Bulgarian colleagues registered in February 2018 a complaint to EBRD for funding the project. The complaint was considered eligible by the EBRD mediators after the discussions taken place in Craiova ( Bulgarian NGO’s representatives were also present) on June 22-23, 2018.

Letter to : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania                     17.10. 2016

Dear Mr. Minister,

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The Green Party from Romania and the representatives of the Civic Society from Craiova consider important to inform you regarding the new projects from the Nuclear Power Plant  ( NPP ) Kozloduy, which are considered to be implemented and developed by the Bulgarian authorities.

We are addressing you with this issue as result of the recommendation of Minister Cristina Paşca Palmer considering that, at this stage, the present situation regarding the nuclear projects at the NPP Kozloduy is not under the competences of the Minister of the Environment.

The English version of this letter was sent also to the representatives of the Bulgarian Civic Society for informing them, based on the fact that they accused Bulgarian authorities of not respecting full EIA in cross border context by deliberately ignoring Romanian position.

The main reason of addressing you is the response (attach 6 )  send to us on 27th of September 2016 by Mrs Minister Cristina Paşca Palmer ( as result of our letter from August 31st 2016 ).

Minister Paşca Palmer considers that all the necessary procedures, according to the conventions on nuclear energy matter, were respected by the Romanian Ministry of Environment. Since Bulgaria is insisting in not respecting Romanian position and clarification requests ( firmly and repeatedly expressed in 2014 and 2015) on this matter, the issue related to Kozloduy projects (including life time extension of reactors 5 and 6) should be solved by the direct involvement of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Shortly, on the 25th of  July 2014 the authorities from Bulgaria have taken the decision to extend the life time of the reactors 5 and 6 from Kozloduy after the designed lifetime expiration (reactor 6 in 2017 and 5 in 2019) without full environment impact assessment (EIA) in cross border context. Bulgaria ignored the official position of Romania, repeatedly and firmly expressed in 2014 and 2015 by official letters sent to Bulgarian authorities  by the Romanian Ministry of Environment. Also, at the time of the decision Bulgaria did not respond to important technical questions and clarifications requested by Romania, as a state possible affected by the nuclear projects at Kozloduy.

We kindly ask you to verify the information according to which, besides the lifetime extension of the reactors 5&6  ( Cernobîl type design ), presenting many incidents during the designed lifetime, the authorities from  Sofia intend to increase the initial designed capacity. If this will happen it will lead to a significant increase of  the  risk of  radioactive exposure of the population from the southern part of Romania, at least.

Since the Romanian authorities didn`t react on this matter, we would like to inform you that the representatives of the Bulgarian Civic Society have contested in Court, including at the Administrative Supreme Court of Bulgaria, the fact that Romania`s official position was not respected by the Bulgarian state, the last stage of the appeal  taking place on 29th  Sept 2016.

In this context, the representatives of Civic Society from Bulgaria informed us about controversial manipulative aspects of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests (MEWF) from  Bulgaria, detrimental to Romania, as it follows:

  1. On 07 July 2014 was sent ( Minister Korodi) the official communication of Romania, firmly asking Bulgarian officials for full environment impact assessment and requesting answers to critical questions and important clarifications regarding lifetime extension of reactors 5 and 6 The same request was expressed again in 2015 by the Minister Gavrilescu. Both official positions were ignored by the MEWF from Bulgaria !

We assume that Minister Cristina Paşca Palmer gave us the recommendation to address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania due to the lacking of communication from/with the Bulgarian side!

  1. According to the information coming from Bulgaria, the letter from the Romanian Ministry of the Environment from 14 July 2014 has been registered at the MEWF from Bulgaria, on 28 July 2014, after the Bulgaria’s decision, on 25 July 2014 (Attach 5) to extend the lifetime of the reactors 5 and 6  without a full EIA in transborder context.
  2. The representatives of Civic Society from Bulgaria consider that a later registration date, on 28 July 2014, was intentionally chosen by Bulgarian officials to prevent considering the official position of Romania from 14 July 2014 at the Bulgarian decision  ( on 25 July 2014). As a result, the representatives of Bulgarian Civic Society has contested in the Court ( including  the Administrative Supreme Court of  Bulgaria) this “manipulation” of official Romanian documents by the Bulgarian MEWF to avoid full EIA in cross border context, as Romania requested !

To support also, the request from the representatives of Civic Society from Bulgaria, the Green Party and the representatives of the Civil Society from Craiova consider that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania should be informed about this matter of interest for the Romanian State. In this regard, we would like to make the following proposals:

  1. Urgent discussions and analysis at the Romanian Government, with the responsible factors, regarding the new projects at the Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy and verifying how the requirements of the international convention were respected. We consider that the results of this analysis should be disseminated to the Romanian public.
  2. Urgently notifying Bulgaria, via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, asking to respect Romania`s position on this topic and requesting the Bulgarian officials to give answers/clarifications to critical technical questions asked officially by the Romanian Ministry of Environment in 2014 and 2015. Without solving this matters we consider the Bulgarian nuclear projects at Kozloduy cannot be accepted by Romania.
  3. If Bulgaria refuses to answer and to consider the Romanian positions, clearly and firmly expressed, we kindly ask you, Mr Minister, to start the necessary procedures at the EU and other relevant international institutions asking unlimited liabilities from Bulgaria for implementing and developing these projects. We inform you that asking for unlimited liabilities is an European practice, Germany is an example. From our information, confirmed by specialists at the last conference on Nuclear Energy, on April 2016 in Prague, Bulgaria is requesting to the companies developing nuclear projects on it`s territory very insignificant liabilities of about 50 million US dollars.
  4. We consider that the Romanian population was not sufficiently informed about these projects, the public debates in Romania taking place in Craiova and Bucharest were attended by the civil society representatives from Bulgaria and they observed also gorsier manipulation and disinformation of the Romanian public by the Bulgarian representatives.
  5. Considering the fact that the medical authorities and the Inspectorate of Emergency Situations have issued informative notes stating clearly that all Romanian locations, under major nuclear risk posed by Kozloduy projects (23 locations alongside the Danube and the city of Craiova) are not prepared to face a nuclear accident. Moreover, major medical hospitals from Craiova  declared under manager signature that they cannot provide specific medical assistance in many cases not even for their own staff ! Consequently we consider that a bureaucratic approach treating this matter superficially, it will lead to serious consequences over the Romanian national security, affecting practically irreversible the population and the environment.
  6. Aarhus Convention ratified by Romania and Bulgaria states clearly, that if economical objectives are considered to be developed and they could endanger the people’s life and the environment, the citizens should be properly informed on all the possible channels to assure significant participation of the public at the debates. The public have also the right to take part at decision making referring to these projects.
  7. Just for your information, we mention that in Craiova over 15000 citizens have signed, legally requesting the local authorities to organize a referendum regarding the new projects from Kozloduy, based on the fact that Craiova, according to the projects description, is presented as a nuclear risk zone. The referendum request was denied by Craiova`s local authorities on unsustainable reasons (some hilarious, as for example  “even the cows cause pollution, so there is no need for a …daily referendum “) or even illegal, “we also have Cernavoda, so we shouldn`t touch Kozlodui” (see the meeting note of the Local Council meeting from 24th  Sept 2015 Craiova). Should the last one be the reason for which both, the Bulgarian and the Romanian authorities  rush to conclude that the international conventions procedures were respected! We hope not!
  8. Accidents from Cernobil and Fukushima have shown both, human errors and design limitations are possible anytime and more recently terrorist attacks are threatening nuclear power plants. Countries, such as Germany, have decided that untill 2021 will close all the nuclear power plants and others countries aim to stop developing new nuclear power plants and closing the one before the end of their designed lifetime.
  9. As participants at the debates on the topic of the Kozloduy nuclear projects, without any doubt, we can affirm that the events were set in such a manner that they were in favor of Bulgarian officials! Here we refear to the so called ’public’ debates organised in Romania attended  mostly by Bulgarian officials ( 34 ) while less than 10 Romanians were lost not only in translation but also in the topic. This happened in Bucharest  on 20 Nov 2015, Craiova 19 Nov 2015 and 9 July 2016.

To conclude, and as we previously stated, the reason of this letter is because the Minister Cristina Paşca-Palmer considers that we should address to you because the issue of Bulgaria not respecting Romania`s requests on Kozloduy matters should be solved via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Probably,  the Ministry of the Environment is not entitled to communicate directly this situation, so we have to do it in the name of the Ministry of the Environment and on the Romanian people interest !

As a result, Mr. Minister, we ask you to analyze these information with responsible factors, following our request and informing us in legal term about the future course of actions to bevtaken.

The English translation of the letterwill be sent to the representatives of Bulgarian Civic Society and the coalition „Danube region nuclear free“. The Romanian Green Party will send the letter also to the  European Commission, the Group of the Greens from the European Parlament.

The letter to the MFA in Romanian had as attachments the following documents:

Attach 1 Letters received from the Bulgarian Civic Society asking for Romanian support on the Kozloduy matter and informing about Bulgaria not respecting Romanian position.

Attach 2. Response of the Ministry A. Korodi to the Bulgarian notification from 13.03.2014.

Attach 3. Response/Comments of the Ministry A. Korodi regarding the notification.

Attach 4. The response of Minister  Korodi from 14th of July 2014 by which Romania is firmly asking for full EIA procedures  in cross border context.

Attach 5. Bulgaria`s decision not to follow the full EIA procedure in cross border context.

Attach 6. The answer  received by the representatives of the Civic Society from Craiova from the Romanian Ministry of the Environment as a result of the requests sent on 31.08.2016.

Attach 7. English translation of the letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania on Kozloduy matter.

Knowing the opening and prompt actions of Ciolos Government to solve problems brought to the pubilc attention by the civic society, Mr Minister we thank you in advance for your collaboration and we send you our special consideration.


 President of the Green Party    President of  Civic Association  President of  Foundation

Romania                                        for Life, Craiova                           “G. Constantinescu”                                                                                              


Silviu Dumitru                                       Adi-Maria Simoiu                               Dan Ilincioiu


Tel +40722705213                           Tel +40 722.663.53                                    Tel + 40 723.038.606                

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Actions against the life-time extension of reactors 5 & 6 of Kozloduy NPP

By Adi-Maria Luminita Simoiu

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Dear friends

I am writing in the name of …very possible affected people from Romania by the Bulgarian new projects at the NPP Kozloduy, including the lifetime extention with 30 years of the two old …dying reactors, having already problems during the designed operation period.

Together with the Romanian Greens we informed Mrs Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer in our previous correspondence  ( end of August and month of September) that we have proving documents, received from Bulgaria, indicating the fact that the full EIA procedure requested by formers Romanian Ministers of Environment, A. Korodi and G.L. Gavrilescu were „deliberately“ ignored by the Minister of Environment and Water from Bulgaria ( as per accusation from citizens and NGOs from Bulgaria).
Also, very well documentated concerns and questions from Romania  ( asked by Minister Korodi on 14 July 2014) on this topic were not addessed at all by the Bulgarian environmental officials. Important technical key questions are still not unswered !

It is very simple to understand that, for example, a letter – the official position of Romania –  sent on 14 July 2014 – registered on 28. 07. 2014 was not taken into consideration at the time of  Bulgarian officials decision, 25.07.2014, namely not to proceed with full EIA in cross-border context.
The request was then adressed again by Minister Gavrilescu on 30 July 2015 and also it was ignored, as citizens of Bulgaria, also can prove with available documents.

Based on these proving facts, we asked on 31 August 2016 the Romanian Ministery to request again to Bulgaria a full EIA procedure referring to the lifetime extention of units 5  and 6.
It is completely unacceptable  the fact that a such dangerous project is not even presented to the Romanian public with all possible life and environmental cathastrophic consequences in case of a nuclear accident, or even having a nuclear risk contamination due to the expired designed lifetime.

We informed the Romanian Minister that we have proving documents from Romanian major hospitals and emergency & protection institutions that they are not prepared for such desaster; some even mentioned they cannot help their own medical staff !

The letter from Minister Pasca Palmer to ask full EIA procedure  was also a request we received from the Bulgarian reprezentatives of the civil society. They  in fact sustained the Romanian position and the last term of the Appeal at the Suprem Administrativ Court on 29 Sept 2016 is exactely on this matter : Bulgarian citizens accusing their officials of not respecting Romanian position asking for full EIA procedure as per ESPO Convention!

The pasivity and non reaction of the Romanian environmental authorities are incredible and difficult to understand and explain ( burocracy ? incompetence ? irresponsibility?  corruption ? or all together ? )
Appart sending us a note, specifying how… well they worked, respecting ( on paper perhaps !)  all procedures and conventions ( and we know how they were respected in …(non)public debates with not properly informed people ), they simply did not take any action.

The public debates organized in Romania including on 9 July 2016 in Craiova are
examples of burocratic, unprofessional and manipulative actions of Romanian authorities against their own people.
In Craiova, we and guests from Bulgaria have photos and records proving grosier manipulation, intimidation and desinformation of the very few Romanians ‚lost‘ (in translations too !) for about 8 hrs in a marketing non profesional presentation from Bulgarian officials, under the ‚closing‘ eyes of the Romanian officials !

For all these we believe the Romanian Minister even not directly involved should resign.
Also, certainly, we will ask the abilitated intitutions, including at international level, to investigate how ESPOO and Aarhus conventions on nuclear energy matters were respected in Romania. All involved key staff should be investigated in what it seams to be more and more …Kozloduy ‚affair‘ !
The purpose of the international regulations is not just for a burocratic handling and exchange of documents ! Lives of the people should not depend on the writing devices and papers, handled by automatic gestures and no deep & responsible thinking involved!

Cernobil and Fukoshima nuclear accidents have proven that, it is only a matter of time when the generated radioactive cloud will reach everybody, and it is out of discussion the question : this will happen  ? It will if not taking actions now !

So the best ending is now a furiously, disperated,
S. O.S.
Now is critical time for Romania and Bulgaria, but next it can be any country with NPP’s and burocrats on dangerously decision making positions !

We all should keep in mind: Nuclear radiations are democratic they, ultimately, affect all, reach and poor, more economically developed or less, white collars and blue ones. After, it…it remains only silence for, at least thousands of …long years…



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„Nuclear free future for the site of Belene NPP“.  

The event will take place on 27th September 2016 between 10-12 am in Sofia , in the Red house, the hall Pasha Nikolova ( This is the best place  in Sofia for such events and it is a centre for culture and debate with good reputation throughout the years. Many energy and economical experts, political analysts, journalists are invited.

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We will start with 10-15 minute presentation of few reports on the following topics:

– Why the Belene NPP project is not needed

– Who is responsible?

– What is the nuclear-free future for the site

After the reports we will have discussion – or after each of the topics.

We expect confirmation of the participation till 20.09.2016.

Todor Draganov Todorov

Energy and Climate Coordinator

SPARE Project National Coordinator
11B „Yanko Sakazov“ str. floor 1
1527 Sofia, Bulgaria
Mailing address: Ekologichno sdruzenie „Za Zemiata“ P.O. Box 975, 1000
Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel/fax: + 359 2 943 11 23
mob:+359 887122801

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Update on the fight of Civic Association for Life and the Civic Action Group, Craiova

2016 September 15th, email from Luminita Simoiu.
Romanian´s request for a full EIA in cross-border context for the life time extention of the reactors 5 and 6, from NPP Kozloduy, was ignored by Bulgaria.

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The investment proposal at Kozloduy NPP is „increasing the power of 104%“, i.e. this is recognized included modernization! Therefore I imported my opinion to the Ministry that in such a modernization of the same type reactors increase the radioactive loads on people by 12% – „Increasing power can increase exposure of the population around 12% ‚. (Source: Public discussion of the EIA report to extend the operation with 30 years of the same type reactors at Balakovo NPP, Russia:
On 31-st of August ( doc CPP 5821/31.08.2016) the Civic Asociation for Life and the Civic Action Group, Craiova, requested the Romanian Minister of Environment Waters and Forests to notify Bulgaria about the necessity for a full EIA in cross-border context. This was the official request of the former Romanian Minister of Environment, Attila Korodi, on 14 July 2014 asking also, clarifications of important technical issues referring to the reactors 5 and 6 at NPP Kozloduy.
It is clear that the official position of Romania was ignored, since the decision not to conduct full EIA in cross-border context was taken by the Bulgarian Minister of Environment Waters and Forests on 25 July 2014, before the registration (on 28 July 2014) of the Romanian document expressing, clearly, the position on this matter. Since then, till today, the Romanian officials did not have any reaction about Bulgaria not respecting the Romanian position, ignored by the Decision from 25 July 2014. Also, Bulgaria did not respond to clarify the technical issues asked on 14 July 2014.
The new notification to Bulgaria for a full EIA in cross-border context, asked – on 31-st August 2016 – by the representatives of the civic society from Craiova to be sent by Romanian environment authorities was requested by our partners from Bulgaria. They need the document for the final term of their appeal at the Bulgarian Administrative Supreme Court on 29 Sept 2016. The Court was not aware of Bulgaria not respecting Romanian position, as possible affected country, in accordance with ESPOO and Aarhus conventions.
In our last activities we were encouraged and received help from the Romanian Greens, the only political party from Romania, which decided to be openly involved in what it seams to be the Kozloduy… ‘affair’.
We received no answer, yet, from the Romanian officials. Consequently, we decided to ask again ( letter on 15.09.2016) the Romanian Minister of the Environment Waters and Forests to send, urgently, the notification to Bulgaria and requesting again a copy of the document in order to send it to the Bulgarian partners to help them in their legal actions on this matter.
Also, we asked for a new audience at the Minister, if possible till the latest the 23-rd September 2016.
Referring to future actions, we think about a new protest in Craiova, if the Romanian officials will ignore our (and the civil society reprezentatives from Bulgaria) request. Hopefully, we will get also, international support including in Justice.
Besides this, we have enough evidence that, in relation with the Kozloduy new projects, in Romania, the Aarhus Convention was not respected.
Being aware of the possible nuclear accident at Kozloduy NPP, many citizens from Craiova already decided to migrate, going faraway from Kozloduy zone.
Perhaps, a debate about how clean is the nuclear energy and the risks posed to the people and environment should be organized at least in the Danubian Countries. Hopefully, the media will be interested. In Craiova the press lost interest and for the central media, Kozloduy…’affair‘ is not ‘appealing’ at all!

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About the so called public ‚debate‘ in Craiova on the 9-th of June 2016, concerning the radioactive waste repository to be built at Radiana  (at about 4 km from the Danube river) in Bulgaria.
Luminita Simoiu, per email on June 18th, 2016

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„The so called public ‚debate‘ in Craiova on the 9-th of June 2016 was such a heavy, flagrant brake of ESPOO and Aarhus conventions, referring to nuclear energy and people´s rights to be protected, in a safe environment.
From both sides, the officials were very unprofessional and arrogant.
At the begining I requested to be recorded that we, the public, consider the meeting not a debate under ESPOO and Aarhus definition. Hardly, we could call this action an … informal nonprofessional (then irrelevant) information!
Related to the date of the meeting, agreed by Romanian and Bulgarian authorities, I have to mention that on the 9-th of June in Romania was also, a big religious celebration and many people, retired persons including, and not working people, normally attend it.
Also, at 12:00 ( the starting time of the ‚public debate‘) many working people could not attend the meeting, it is difficult to have a full working day off in the private business.
To continue with the story of a ( non ) public debate, ( no transparency at all !), next to the ‚Oltenia‘ Concert Hall in Craiova, the location of the meeting, at the newly open mall ( also on the 9-th of June), with half an hour before, at 11:30, it was scheduled a grand opening with gratis beer and food, announced with months in advance on Craiova streets, in local massmedia.
The so called ‚public debate‘ was announced by the local environmental agency by few emails, some online media (nobody read it) and on the day of the ‚debate‘, even with half an hour before, there was no announcement at the front door, at least of the Craiova City Hall and at the location of the ‚public debate‘!
The announcement, received by mail, was very vague ( we consider on purpose to give the impression of a not important activity to require people attention !), contained no information about participants, legal support, organizers, etc.
I tried to obtain from the local environmental agency more relevant information ( calling the conctact telephone indicated in the email of the announcement) about the debate and, simply I was sent to the …ministry of the environment in Bucharest ( meaning, then, all citizens of Craiova, like me …‘ dearing‘ to be interested, should take a train to Bucharest for a day trip to get necessary information ).
Some people from the Romanian public were insulted under the official Romanian moderator ‚closing eye‘. A young man, from the public, was with a major locomotor handicap, and he put a very intelligent question, of course not in an academic language, but perfectly understandable and he ( others as well !) was insulted.
I asked an Bulgarian official to appologize publically for insulting the participants ‚dearing‘ to ask questions. The official did it, so in fact, he recognized that he was insulting.
At the end the young man with the handicap gave them a lesson that probably they will never forget!
He said ´I might not be not able to use academic language in the nuclear field for my questions, but I am here mainly for you all, to see lively what nuclear radiations can do, I was born with the handicap, and such handicaps are possible as effect of nuclear radiations too!´
He deserves a price for courage, civic involvement and the absolute intelligence of his answer. All were ashamed !
The Bulgarian specialists, coming to Craiova, kindly responding to our invitation to present (having proving arguments) their points of views ( different from the officials) deserve, as well, a price for human solidarity, excellent civic attitude and professionalism !
To say more about the project, presented by the Bulgarian officials, it contained confusing references of the purpose of the repository, the unjustified huge capacity ( taking into account the type of radioactive waste, namely low and medium radioactivity). No scientific references were indicated to sustain their affirmations!
The location at only about 4 km from the Danube river on an instable soil make the project not only untrustful but also dangerous and should not be accepted!
The comparation of the Bulgarian project, with El Cabril location in Spain of a similar repository, without indicating the fact that the Spanish ‚version‘ is located in mountains area, not on an aluvionary, instable soil, is in our opinion an attempt to foolish people!
Despite the title of the announcement ( referring to the radioactive waste repository), in fact, on the 9-th of June 2016 the Bulgarian officials and Romanian environmental representatives ( the last ones by silently accepting !) were trying to introduce, implicitly as a …’package‘ another controversial project, namely the extension of life time operations of Units 5 and 6 of NPP Kozloduy with 20+10 years ( with all consequences not only in term of power, expences, profits but, more importantly, concerning the safety on long term, up to year 2051).
By the end of the meeting, the remaining participants, were only us from the Craiova Civic Group and our NGO, our Bulgarian friends ( the specialists coming at our invitation).
We were numerically dominated by the officials from Bulgaria and Romania.
We were resisting for more than 8 hrs at Craiova Concert Hall, not listening to classic music, but hearing the ‚marketing‘ of the radioactive waste repository as … a perfect place to be, visit and with a promissing future luxuriant vegetation, that will attract people, perhaps, to live happily nearby…
The content of the presentation delivered on the 9 -th of June in Craiova, the information provided to the public on paper, the info on the announcement, posted few minutes before the ‚debate‘ at the front door of the meeting location and the info posted on the website were different, regarding, for example, the purpose of the radioactive waste repository.
The info about the life time extension of the units 5 and 6 including the nuclear waste that WILL result AFTER the extenson was missing from the presentation on the 9 -th of June and from the info provided to the public ( less than 15-20 people except about 10 bureaucrats from the local environmental agency, brought probably to contribute to the ’silent‘ number of the participants).
Our Group will prepare a document, containing all history of the Kozloduy …’affair‘ in Romania and, perhaps our friends from Bulgaria will write the Bulgarian version!
I am glad that the actual Minister of the environment ( member of the technocratic Roumanian gouvernment) is interested to hear our points of view. As far as we understood the Minister was not completly aware about details of Craiova meeting on the 9 -th of June! I have to confirm that !“

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28.03.2016, Civic Association for Life (A.C.p.V)

Tel : 0722663539

Email :

                                                                                          Press release


On behalf of over 15,300 citizens sustaining, as civic action, a local referendum in Craiova, the Civic Association for Life  and the Civic Action Group of Craiova, inform the citizens that the Local Referendum project was, again, not taken into consideration to be introduced on the agenda of the Local Council ordinary meeting from 31 of March, 2016.

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The purpose of the local referendum is to consult – according to the provisions of the Aarhus Convention and the Romanian law 88/2000 – the possible affected citizens of Craiova by the new nuclear projects from Kozloduy. These projects  are very controversial, especially on the safety aspects and they are rejected by the civic society from different countries, including Bulgaria.

The new request was sent, initially, to the city hall of Craiova in 2015, on December 23-rd; for the general public and the local authorities information, the two associations organized legal protests and many debates, with about 600 participants, including specialists in the relevant area of the projects.

The Civic Association for Life and the Civic Action Group of Craiova express the profound indignation for this new refusal of the local Association administration to comply with the international and Romanian laws, as much as the referendum project not only that it is sustained legally by over 15300 voters from Craiova, but also, it was adapted according to the Local Council recommendation, namely to organize the referendum in the same day with the local elections from June 2016.

It is also mentioned that, initially, the referendum project was rejected on 24 September 2015, by the Local Council and the executive of the municipality, ignoring the promises (mass media representatives present) that, if the civic organizations, will collect the legal number of signatures of the sustainers, they will organize the referendum.

The reasons invoked to reject the referendum ( 8 votes against, 15 abstained and 2 votes in favour ) were irrelevant and majority of them have no connection with the topic ( for example how green is the nuclear energy, or in Romania we have a NPP at Cernavoda, so we should not touch Kozloduy !).

According to the new project proposal, having as initiator the Mayor of Craiova, it was asked that both the referendum and local elections to be organized on the same date, on 5-th June 2016, using the same facilities, except different voting sections, respecting, also, the point of view received on 19 February 2016 from the Elections Central Authority in Bucharest.

The two civic organizations consider this new refusal of the local administration as having no rational reason, taking into account that the simultaneity  of the referendum and the local elections could be in favour of both civic actions, and it is a flagrant brake of the civic constitutional rights and the Aarhus convention. The Civic Association for Life and the Civic Action Group are going to ask explanations on this subject at the ordinary Local Council meeting from March 31-st 2016.


Luminita Simoiu,

President of the Civic Association for Life

Civic Action Group, Liana Babiac

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March 2016: LUMINITA SIMOIU about their latest activities

About our on going fight with the local authorities referring the NPP from Kozloduy:

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the project Referendum, having as initiator the executive of the city hall, mrs Vasilescu, even it was adapted according to the Local Council recommendation and respecting the point of view of the Central Authority for elections, was not introduced on the Local Council ordinary meeting agenda from 31 March, as we requested on behalf of the 15300 people sustaning our civic innitiative.
We did not receive any explanation. We asked that the referendum and the local elections to be organized on the same date, the 5-th of June, 2016. We mentioned that this will be beneficial for the both civic actions, meaning more involvement and then participation of the population. This could ensure more representativity of the new local authorities and also could bring more people for referendum to ensure the legal number of voters for its validation.
I am very upset about this total despise of the people’s rights. Perhaps the only solution is to ask for international assistance in justice. It is an intentional brake of the international legislation – Aarhus convention that is also a law in Romania ( 88/2000).
Our next action is now to prepare a new project having this time as initiator our NGO in the name of the 15300 people and to ask for an extraordinary LC meeting. It is the last action, apart this we should ask for the resignation of the LC and the executive, but for this we need about 75000 signatures, this is impossible in two months.
So the local referendum, if not under this administration, it will remain for the next local authorities. Unfortunatelly, Mrs Vasilescu and some of the actual local consiliers will candidate again for the local elections. They are sustained by the political parties, famous already for …promoting corruption and having communist like behaviour. The latest news, concerning the mayor of Craiova, Mrs Olguta Vasilescu, informed us tonight about her preventive arrest due to accusations of money laundering and acts of corruption. Even under the new situation, the chances that they will win are still substantial, if the population participation at the election process will be poor. The passivity of the large majority of the citizens is a result of a catastrophic political performance in the last 26 years, since the falling down of the communism in Romania.
The referendum project has importance from this point of view, too. The people that signed for it will be discouraged to be involved in the next civic actions and it will be very dangerous, it could lead, again, to a dictatorial style of administration. So the referendum MUST be organized to encourage civic actions and public involvement.
Also, considering the topic and in connection with the ‘volatile‘ international situation, the importance of the referendum on this subject is primordial! All responsible people and leaders should know and understand this !
Even, more, considering the real terrorism threat in Europe and not only, the nuclear energy, and future projects implementation in this field it seems that, not only being not a good idea, but for the safe future of our planet and to protect the life and the environment, it should be banned !

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February 2016: LUMINITA SIMOIU

Members of the Civic Action Group Craiova

Members of the Civic Action Group Craiova


Press release – sent in 23rd of December 2015,

referring to the fact that we sent a new project proposal about the referendum , together with ProDemocratia.

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The Association Pro Democratia Club ( A.P.D), Craiova and the Civic Association for Life (A.C.p.V) joined the Civic Action Group Craiova ( G.A.C) to renew the solicitation addressed to the local authorities from the municipality of Craiova to organize a local referendum, concerning the new nuclear projects at the Bulgarian NPP in Kozloduy, located at about 60 km distance from Craiova. The new projects are:

1. A new nuclear unit, 1200 MW

2. Life time extension with about 20 years for the units 5 and 6 at the NPP Kozloduy.

3. Construction of a radioactive waste repository of 350 000 tons at Radiatna (Kozloduy) located at about 4 km from the river Danube

The projects are controversial and rejected by the Bulgarian civil society representatives and, according to the Romanian experts, consulted during the debates organized in Craiova in 2015, they present major deficiencies.

Given the recently open concerns, expressed by the local authorities in Craiova, related to the new projects from the NPP Kozloduy, on the occasion of a visit in Craiova (on 16 December 2015) of local Bulgarian authorities, including the mayor of Kozloduy, A.C.p.V., A.P.D. Club Craiova and G.A.C. have decided to ask, again, the Mayor Vasilescu to respect the citizens of Craiova requesting for a local referendum on the above topic.

On December 23-rd the solicitors submitted to the City Hall of Craiova a new request asking to organize a local referendum for consulting the citizens of Craiova, in accordance with the Aarhus Convention ( ratified by Romania and adopted as the Law 86/2000) regarding the new nuclear projects at Kozloduy.

The civic initiative to ask for a local referendum in Craiova, on this matter, is supported by over 15.300 signatures, (representing over 5% of the voting population in Craiova, according to the Administrative law 215/2001). The tables containing identification data and citizens‘ signatures were handed over on 09/17/2015 at Craiova City Hall and they were certified as correct by the local authorities representatives.



LINKS to proof the medial attention for Craiova´s struggle for a referendum:

A few links to articles published in Romania about our activities and TV interviews about the nuclear projects at Kozloduy. They are in Romanian language but I think they can show how much attention was paid by the media for the topic and our activities. Local authorities were deaf and blind to all!


23.11.2015 Marş anti-nuclear la Craiova. „Bravo Craiova civică, ruşine Craiova politică!”

19.11.2015 Aula „Alexandru Buia“ a Facultăţii de Agronomie din Craiova, debaterea publică cu tema „Accidente chimice şi nucleare, cauze, efecte şi măsuri de protecţie“

Gazeta de Sud – 19.11.2015

TeleU Craiova


News from CRAIOVA´s front:

(5th of February, email from Luminita Simoiu) :

The project was not introduced on the Local Council meeting agenda from 28 January and we got an answer from the Local Authorities that they will consult  the Central Election Authority in Romania about this possibility. In Romania a simultaneous public event,  referendum-presidential elections was organized in 2009. So we expect this time should be ok also !

Now we are waiting for the Mayor Vasilescu answer, hopefully not too long.

I mentioned previously, on 29 Jan we asked the local authorities to consider our request for allocating in 2016 the necessary founds for the local referendum.

For us it is a very good opportunity that we will have elections (in June); we think that over 15.000 signatures will heavily count at the end for the authorities´ final decisions (Mayor Mrs Vasilescu and some members of her majority team want to be reelected) .

We are prepared with plan B: asking again Local Council to sign the project.

Plan C: our right to use the people´s signatures and finally, if nothing is working, our group discussed about our possible involvement in the election process (as independents or even to create a party!). 

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Grupul de Acţiune Civică, Craiova  

Asociaţia Civică pentru Viaţă, Craiova                                                                                              

Asociatia Prodemocratia Club Craiova                                  



Press release

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The Association Pro Democratia Club ( APD), Craiova and the Civic Association for Life ( ACV) joined the Civic Action Group ( GAC) Craiova to renew the solicitation addressed to the local authorities from the municipality of Craiova to organize a local referendum, concerning the new nuclear projects at the Bulgarian NPP in Kozloduy, located at about 60 Km distance from Craiova. The new projects are:

  1. A new nuclear unit, 1200MW
  2. Life time extension with about 20 years for the units 5 and 6 at the NPP Kozloduy.
  3. Construction of a radioactive waste repository of 350 000 tones at Radiatna ( Kozloduy) located at about 4 Km from the river Danube

The projects are controversial and rejected by the Bulgarian civil society representatives and, according to the Romanian experts, consulted during the debates organized in Craiova in 2015, they present major deficiencies.

Given the recently open concerns, expressed by the local authorities in Craiova, related to the new projects from the NPP Kozloduy, on the occasion of a visit in Craiova ( on 16 December.2015 ) of local Bulgarian authorities, including the mayor of Kozloduy, A.C.V., A.P.D. Club Craiova and G.A.C. have decided to ask, again, the mayor Vasilescu to respect the citizens of Craiova requesting for a local referendum on the above topic.

On December 23 the three solicitors submitted to the City Hall of Craiova a new request asking to organize a local referendum for consulting the citizens of Craiova, in accordance with the Aarhus Convention ( ratified by Romania and adopted as the Law 86/2000) regarding the new nuclear projects at Kozloduy.

The civic initiative to ask for a local referendum in Craiova, on this matter, is supported by over 15300 signatures, ( representing over 5% of the voting population in Craiova, according to the Administrative law 215/2001). The tables containing identification data and citizens‘ signatures were handed over on 09/17/2015 at Craiova City Hall and they were certified as correct by the local authorities representatives.

The new project proposal, to be approved by the Local Council of Craiova at the next regular meeting (January 28, 2016) has as initiator, again, the Mayer Lia Olguta Vasilescu ( respecting the referendum law, nr 3/2000).

Also, the new project proposal takes into account the population participation and financial concerns, expressed on September 24, by the local authorities ( rejecting the first proposal of the referendum project). Accordingly, in the new project proposal is indicated as the suggested date of the referendum the same day ( yet to be decided by the Romanian Government) as the voting day for the local elections, in June 2016.

To sustain and motivate the new project proposal and for any further clarification, G.A.C, A.C.V and A.P.D. Club Craiova is ready to participate, on authorities request, at any meetings of the special committees from the City Hall of Craiova, preceding the regular LC meeting from 28 January 2016.

Representing a significant number of Craiova citizens, G.A.C, A.P.D Club Craiova and A.C.V. Craiova hope that the Mayer of Craiova, Mrs. Olguţa Lia Vasilescu and the members of the Local Council will respond to the Craiova citizens request and they will approve to organize a local referendum, a project sustained by over 15 300 citizens of Craiova. The city is considered ( according to the projects descriptions ) as being under the nuclear risk and to be possible affected in case of a nuclear accident or a major nuclear incident at Kozloduy.


Coordinator of the G.A.C, Craiova     Prezident of the A.C.V, Craiova   Prezident of the A.P.D Club Craiova

Liana Babiac                                     Luminiţa Simoiu                             Carla Stoica

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 To view the photos please click Craiova

24.11.2015: Email from Luminita Simoiu:

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Just a short message to send few pictures from our protest. Despite rain we had enough people to call a protest on a topic that not long ago, it was a kind of tabu, meaning scare to refer to…
The TV news and press are still with us. The book of Svetlana Aleksievici, Nobel Prize Laureate for literature in 2015, was very inspirational, I read from the introduction a page as conclusion . The press took the info and people were impressed.

We had a few messages such as :
• for authorities an offer for a free trip ( transport, accommodation and meal) at Cernobil to document about the nuclear disaster;
• to the vice Mayer Dasoveanu, a message that caws are not polluting as a radioactive waste,
• to the President an SOS to save us from the local authorities not willing to listen to over 15000 people …’crying‘ for a refrendum in Craiova;
• a national referendum to decide the future of the nuclear energy in Romania,
• No reactors extension at Kozloduy, stop nuclear power…Danube river to be saved from nuclear pollution,
• We mentioned to the press that we got an international support (the logo you sent from Austria is safe with me!). The press was impressed!
• As important participants we had children, the girl with the antinuclear protest is absolutely beautiful and convincing isn’t it ?

OK need to rest for now!
Coming back soon!

Adi-Maria Luminita
P.s: We think our first protest, and in fact the first antinuclear protest ever in Romania was our creation and it was a success.
We are very proud about the achievement. We had even a portavoice, and all in a very rainy day.
Today at the news Digi24 Craiova I mentioned that we continue our action till we will get the referendum. I told them about the international coalition that support our action.

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Diashow Craiova

Information from Craiova:

1) Luminita Simoiu, 17th of November 2015:

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Finally we are invited today to the city hall of Craiova to talk about our protest action on Sunday. Hopefully they will approve it. (On 22nd of November a silent march by a great number of citizens will take place in Craiova as a protest because of ignoring the Aarhus convention . Until 17th of November it was not sure that it could take place)

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2) Luminita Simoiu, 19th of November 2015:

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Conference was a success! Just a short info about our debate. About 130 participants, three hrs, we covered the topic: „Nuclear and chemical accidents: causes, effects and emergency procedures“. We had on the wall kind of small exhibition of some of the paintings made by students, related to the nuclear effects I am sending few images taken with my phone…. (see fotos…)

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3) Luminita Simoiu, 20th of November 2015:

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Thank you to all the Danube Group members, for the kind appreciation. This motivates us to continue, despite all difficulties we have. I am sending the document from the City Hall confirming that the action from Sunday is approved! (attached downloadfile.pdf) It is in Romanian but it says the purpose, anti-Kozlodui and pro referendum, the itinerary and the duration. Of course it mentioned about our responsabilities not to create any problems! This is the reason we had choosen a silent event to avoid any political implications or infiltrations to divert our action! – We will have some protest/wishes on the papers! We will create some in English too. In fact, as I mention, I think, we should put an end to the nuclear era in energy. We will put messages to sustain respecting Aarhus convention, and also to be consulted at national level for the extension of NPP from Cernavoda! Also we will have antinuclear messages!
All the best to all members of the Danube group! You all, have our great respect too, for all you have done and are doing for a safer world and for the people benefit!

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All the best to you, dear Luminita, from the Danube´s group!



Overview to the „Story of Referendum Craiova“ – e-mails by Luminita Simoiu and Georgeta Ionescu:

(1) 14.9.2015: Romanian citizens ask for a referendum on Bulgarian Kozlodui nuclear plant – political conditions are kept.

(2) 25.09.2015: Betrayal of democracy – referendum in Craiova did not pass.

(3) 27.10.2014: Perhaps we should organize a conference ….

(4) 31.10.2015: About safety-risk of NPP Kosloduj …

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(1) 14.9.2015: Romanian citizens ask for a referendum on Bulgarian Kozlodui nuclear plant – political conditions are kept

By mail: Georgeta Ionescu, 14.9.2015

13.000 citisens signed a Petition for launching a local referendum in Craiova city, against cross border nuclear project at Kozloduy (Bulgaria).

It would be the first local referendum on the city’s history and the first nuclear power issue in Romania, with international implications. Politicians went on alert, trying to stop the action, either to convert into electoral capital.

Craiova, is the historical capital of Oltenia province. Set within 100 kilometers of Kozloduy, Craiova is in the risk zone of the nuclear site, nuclear power plant, including a nuclear mega depozit with 350,000 tonnes capacity, and a new reactor, with an installed capacity of 1,200 MW.

Who are civic activists who were involved in community life so effectively?

The initiative belongs to a civic group made up of people with diverse professions, that triggered after more than half a year a campaign to collect signatures for the city’s population to decide by referendum on nuclear plant projects in Kozloduy (Bulgaria).

It all started with a public debate. As international law on nuclear energy requires consultation of the population in the risk zone, Civic Action Group (GAC) started to work. The idea belongs to Luminita Simoiu, pofessor at the Department of Chemistry in University of Craiova, which was for 11 years, expert on chemical weapons for an UN agency. In November 2014, Luminita Simoiu attented a discussion on Kozloduy plant, held in Craiova City Hall. meeting with „a flagrant violation of democratic principles.“ Specifically, it was public consultation on building a new nuclear reactor.

„It was the Aarhus Convention violating, concerning the right of citizens to be consulted and to participate in decision-making in environmental matters where it is expected that an economic objective may endanger life and produce environmental damage. This convention has been ratified by Romania under Law no. 86/2000. Relying on international expertise, I quickly understood the stakes of this action, namely the obligation of the Bulgarian authorities to show – according to international agreements on nuclear energy – that Romania’s population in areas potentially affected by this project, has been fair and transparent informed and consulted „says Luminita Simoiu (pictured below, first left).

Prof. Simoiu found several deficiencies in the „representativeness, transparency and correct information.“ The idea was born in the referendum debate. „We decided that after the winter holidays to contact the local authorities, asked asked Mrs. Mayor Lia Vasilescu Olguţa for an audience, to discuss how poor have been organized this public debate, with only six to seven participants.

Then I proposed to organize in Craiova and, if possible, in all 19 localities potentially affected, local referendums on Kozloduy nuclear new goals. Meaning to organise real public debate, with possibly affected population. The authorities have rejected the referendum idea, arguing that people will not come to vote and this would have a negative impact on the action to stop those objectives. I agreed with the idea of making only a survey can decide. I consulted the local administration law and the conditions in which it can decide a referendum „, said prof. Simoiu. Slowly, the action group has gowned up: „We managed to convince the initial 15 people, including a student. We had weekly meetings, and consulted other NGOs such as Pro Democracy. Then I was noticed by the media, in discussions that we organized in various places in the city. The debate that we held at the University of Craiova, was attended by over 300 people. I had invited Bulgarian specialists who oppose the project, and we voted on whether participants agree with a referendum on local Kozloduy nuclear facilities. In excess of 98% voted in favor of the referendum „.

Meanwhile, more people came around this idea . The group includes now students, professors, doctors, artists etc.

„It was difficult because the mistrust of the population to provide their own personal data“

What motivated, yet these people to start campaign? „Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents are still alive in the collective memory. It reasoned that action nontransparent manner in which environmental authorities in Romania have organized these briefings of the population potentially affected. And to call public debates some meetings with six to seven Romanians and 34 Bulgarians. We have the ambition to demonstrate to the authorities that the Romanian citizen, if properly informed, are not an amorphous mass without interest in community affairs. On the contrary, it is particularly active and respondent. Romanian citizen is not second-class European citizens „, he said Luminita Simoiu. Undoubtedly, although the subject is extremely important, it is quite abstract for many citizens. How did they manage to persuade to give these signatures from Craiova to the group? „It was difficult because of mistrust of the population to provide personal data. Turn your head when you heard the Kozloduy, scared. It should also be pointed out the difficulty of the subject. But with perseverance we managed to explain „.

Law no. 215/2001 says that citizens can propose to local councils and county councils on whose area they are resident, a debate for adoption and draft decisions (art. 109, para 1). Promoting a draft resolution may be initiated by one or more citizens to vote, if it is supported by signatures of at least 5% of the voting of the administrative-territorial (art. 109, para 2 ). Craiova city relates to a voting population of 260,000 people. Accordingly, the minimum number of signatures to be collected is 13,000.

And it is done now, I should add!

Best,Georgeta Ionescu, 14.9.2015


(2) 25.09.2015: Betrayal of democracy – referendum in Craiova did not pass

Mail from Georgeta and from „Lh Sim“ <,

Dear friends,
The referendum project did not pass today. It was all a flagrant brake of democracy in Craiova. I was the subject of lots of questions and not allowed to answer to all important questions!

The vote was: 2 for, 8 against and …15 abstained. The president of the meeting did all the best to intimidate the consiliers and manipulated the votes.
They contested the legality of the referendum, saying it is not legal to organize a referendum on such topic!
In Bulgaria is legal, in Romania is …illegal.

They have no reasons, to sustain the negative vote.
Tomorrow I will write more, now it is late and we all are simply astonished how democracy is working in Craiova… Even members of the local council are furious about the lyes and the evident manipulations !
The project was legal Friday when they introduced on the agenda of the LC meeting. Yesterday and the day before the project has no objections on the specialized comities, including juridic, and then in the meeting they reverse, all was not legal!
Finally all was a deliberated confusion, so the local consiliers voted against, just because they were told to vote No. The rest adopted the position of running from responsibility, it was part of an advance scenarios a low level play, visible without any effort.

It is clear for us it is a mutual agreement between the authorities, no touch Kozlodui so no touch Cernavoda !
I should add that the people of Craiova willing to participate at the meeting were not accepted in the meeting hall. I had to bring the press to let them in…
Shortly, it was a flagrant brake of the citizens rights !
To sustain the motivation of the referendum, on our project, send as draft to the legal dept of the city hall to check the legality, we introduced the Aarhus convention; on the approved final version, they deliberated took out the paragraph containing the Aarhus reference!
So after they approved, today at the meeting they say it was not …legal!
More to say, no democracy, at all !

Mail from Luminita Simoiu, 25.9.2015


(3) 27.10.2014: Perhaps we should organize a conference ….

Perhaps we should organize a conference about how ‚clean‘ is the nuclear energy, effects of NPPs, nuclear accidents/incidents.

Craiova can be a good location, maybe the ‚intelligent‘ and ‚responsible‘ authorities from Craiova, and others like them will add some consistent knowledge to their insufficient elementary education.
One of my colleagues from the Civil Alliance Group ( now we have our NGO created to suuport our activities ), a medical dr, asked, on the occasion of a local counsilier ( from the leading coalition party) interview, to motivate his vote against the referendum. The LC said, without any sign of shame, that he doesn’t understand why a NPP is so risky, he said that he didn’t study at school about the topic! The LC is engineer in the field of electromechanics! It seems that we need ( at least in Romania) to send, again, some politicians to the elementary school education.
So, perhaps, we can ‚design‘ together the curricula ! Failure to pass the exams should be a criteria for accepting the candidature for general and/or local elections !
By the end, we the people are the real force and if we stay united, we have better chances to achieve our common goals for a safe and rewarding life on our planet!

In Romania we have the unique Delta of the Danube and all the ecosystems should be protected! All are in danger with a such ‚intelligent‘ project, to build a radioactive waste depository of 350 000 tonns on an alluvionary soil, instable, at 4 km from the Danube river!! Perhaps, dumping in the river will be the end …action, as result of a such ’smart‘ idea !

We all know that the unsolved problem of managing the nuclear waste will remain unsolved! So the so called ‚clean‘ nuclear energy, besides the catastrophic effects in case of nuclear accident, has so many, huge unclean aspects !

I think it is time to change the perception that the geographical location, on a specific country, gives the right to the authorities to deal with rivers, mountains, forests, in manners they consider …beneficial ( but destroying life) for the sake of …the national economical growth.

All this planet has to offer belongs, equally, to all people, irrespectiv location and nationality. The planet belongs to all of us, and us means world wide tax payers ! So yes, the Carpathians, the Danube and Black Sea are not only for Roumanians or Bulgarians to visit ! And the lives of Bulgarians, Roumaniens, like Austrians, Chezcs, Germans, Slovacians… are simple Lives, no nationality criteria is needed for Life to be protected. And standards of Life protection should apply, equally and at the highest level!

Our new ‚ born‘ NGO is called The Civic Association for Life ( we included education, health, environment, ethics matters, all releated to sustain and protect the Life).

Yes, the title about the democracy failure in Craiova, a city candidate to be elected as cultural capital of Europe, is very suggestive for the content of our topic, so it is a deal, this will be the title !

Perhaps more appropriate, Craiova should be elected European Capital for promoting the ‚ culture‘ of no transparency and no democracy. The authorities representing the ‚winner ‚city should be ‚reworded‘ with a free trip to Cernobil, free accomodation and free meal in the gost city, included !

And for better understanding of the effects, the …winners should have as advisers during the trip the local and central environment authorities expressing the official points of view, about NPP Kozloduy effects (for example) !
We the people of Craiova will pay for the trip! And if you find more …’turists‘ I am sure we will get sponsors to pay for them too! And for that, I garantee to the LCs of Craiova, we will not ask for local Referendum ! The people will, gladly, pay for them and support, on long term, their ’study‘ trip at Cernobil!

To compensate the lost opportunity of Craiova the European Capital, I think we, the people of Craiova, should win for this year… the first time competition, Craioveans, People of Modern European Culture! Our authorities belong to the medieval …culture!

Mail from Luminita Simoiu, 27.10.2015


(4) 31.10.2015: About safety-risk of NPP Kosloduj …

(Now it is a tragedy in Romania, a lot of people ( majority youngsters) lost their lives in Bucharet, in a fire at a club during a rock concert. There are over 180 wounded with traumas in very critical conditions. ……..)
Coming to the NPP from Kozloduy, the safety of the plant is not at the highest standard and this is in addition to the possibility to have accidents due to human errors ( like Cernobil ). If such an accident happens ( May God to prevent that !) Craiova is not prepared ( and as we saw now, Bucharest too !) to take and treat casualties of such nature. And I am pretty sure Bulgaria is not far from this situation too!

So we really don’t understand the superficiality and indolence, combined with political obedience, of the central and local authorities refusing to respect the international and national laws and to consult transparently and in an efficient manner the people that in the case of accident will be this one suffering the consequences! All important hospitals in Craiova declared under signature that they have no capabilities to treat casualties in case of nuclear or chemical accidents!

Mail by Luminita Simoiu, 31.10.2015

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August 2015, Lucian ȘTIRB (TERRA Mileniul III)

NEWS from Bukarest

In Romania, currently two reactors are in operation at the Cernavoda NPP. In the 1970s, originally five reactors were planned.

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The construction of Cernavoda-1 began in 1980, the construction of the other reactors in 1982. In 1991, the work on the reactors 2-5 was stopped. Only in the year 2000, the construction of Cernavoda-2 was continued, in 2007, the reactor was commissioned. The reactors 3 and 4 of Cernavoda NPP are now to be completed. Significant parts of the buildings already exist. In 2007, an Environmental Impact Assessment was made on this topic. The documentation including an Austrian expert statement can be found under:

China General Nuclear (CGN) has been designated last autumn as the „selected investor“ for the development of units 3 and 4 at Romania’s Cernavoda nuclear power plant. A letter of intent has been signed to complete the two units. Romanian state-owned nuclear utility Nuclearelectrica announced on 17 October 2014 that it had selected CGN as an investor in the project. CGN was the only company to submit a non-binding bid by the 9 September deadline for the contract to build the two new reactors. Under the terms of the investor selection process, CGN must hold at least 51% of the share in the new joint venture project company. Nuclearelectrica will be a minority shareholder in the project. CGN and Nuclearelectrica signed a letter of intent on November 2013 for investment in and development of Cernavoda units 3 and 4. In July, CGN subsidiary China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC) signed a „binding and exclusive“ cooperation agreement with Canada-headquartered Candu Energy Inc, an SNC-Lavalin company, for the construction of Cernavoda 3 and 4. The partially-built units 3 and 4 at Cernavoda are currently in conservation, with civil structures 52% and 30% completed at each unit respectively. No major equipment has yet been installed at either unit. Under the terms of the investor selection process, CGN must hold at least 51% of the share in the new joint venture project company. Nuclearelectrica will be a minority shareholder in the project. Nuclearelectrica asked for a state intervention, through a contract covering the price differences in the energy market for the new builder of Units 3 and 4, so that it can receive state aid.

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